Chusca is an art collective formed in late November 2019 by Fernanda Fábrega, Andrés Gaete, Sebastián Jatz and Bernardita Pérez,
in order to perform the piece entitled “Personas que encontraron la muerte aunque sabemos que son más”,
[People who found death eventough we know there are more]
composed of a reading of the death count in Chile since the social movement that started in October 18, 2019.

Each case is followed by three successive cymbal crescendi.
A hidden bass drum is constantly beating like a Mapuche kultrún.
All is accompanied by three lit candles.

The piece has been performed in different contexts, being updated with current events on every opprotunity.


1. Galpón 5 at Franklin, Estregias oblicuas, invitation by Sebastián Herrera. December 7, 2019.

2. Teatinos 750, Cómo se avanza en un sitio peligroso, invitation by Alexandra Mabes. December 8, 2019.

3. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes façade. December 17, 2019.

4. Museo Precolombino, invitation by Paulina Robledo. December 28, 2019.

5. Galería Metropolitana, invitation by Ana María Saavedra y Luis Alarcón. January 4, 2020. 

6. Estación Baquedano at Plaza de la Dignidad. January 5, 2020. 6am. 

7. Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral façade. January 11, 2020.

8. Theatre at the Chacabuco saltpeter office. January 27, 2020.

9. Chacabuco saltpeter office and Valle de los Meteoritos. January 28, 2020.

10. Monturaqui crater. February 1, 2020.

11. Outside the Torres de Tajamar. October 18, 2020.